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Firming Eye Cream 30ml

할인 가격$31.00

πŸ’œ VITAMIN C FOR RADIANT SKIN - Lightens dark circles, discoloration and blemishes. Diminishes visible signs of aging for a smoother, brighter & healthier skin.
πŸ’œ BAKUCHIOL FOR FIRMNESS AND ELASTICITY - Bakuchiol is a natural, non-irritating alternative to retinol. Effective at targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and brightens an uneven skin tone.
πŸ’œ SQUALANE FOR LONG-LASTING HYDRATION - Keeps moisture locked in, so the skin is soft, supple and plump.
πŸ’œ JUST TWIST AND PUMP - Eye-catching design allows for easy application of product: just twist, pump and apply!
πŸ’œ WHY VVBETTER? - Our products gently rejuvenate and improve your skin.Β Welcome to the mild skincare club.
Firming Eye Cream 30ml
Firming Eye Cream 30ml 할인 가격$31.00