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Gentle Purifying Mud Mask 60ml

할인 가격$22.00 정상 가격$28.00

πŸ’œ CLEAR, RADIANT SKIN - The deep pore cleansing mask gently absorbs impurities and excess sebum, revealing a clearer and more radiant complexion
πŸ’œ MINIMIZE PORES, REFINE TEXTURE - Our mineral-rich formula, infused with bentonite and kaolin clay deeply cleanses and purifies, minimizing the appearance of pores and leaving your skin with a refined, smoother texture
πŸ’œ BALANCES OIL, CONTROLS SHINE: Bid farewell to oily skin with the facial wash-off mask. It regulates oil production, providing a mattifying effect without stripping essential moisture, resulting in a balanced and shine-free complexion
πŸ’œ DETOX AND BRIGHTEN - Detoxify your skin and let the natural clay's rich minerals work their magic, leaving you with a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance
πŸ’œ SPA-LIKE EXPERIENCE - Indulge in a spa-like experience at home with its luxurious creamy texture. Relax and unwind as its soothing properties nourish your skin, providing a moment of self-care bliss
Gentle Purifying Mud Mask 60ml
Gentle Purifying Mud Mask 60ml 할인 가격$22.00 정상 가격$28.00